World Premier of Ashanti’s “Just Believe” Music Video

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The World Premier of Ashanti’s “Just Believe” Music Video will be CBS’s Entertainment Tonight on Saturday night, July 19th at 7:00 pm! The “Just Believe” music video, one of the most popular songs on the Song for a Healthier America album, features Ashanti, “The Princess of Hip Hop and R&B,” HHPH Music Director Artie Green, Gerry Gunn, Robbie Nova and Chauncey Hawkins. Ashanti remarked, “It’s so important to give our kids a message to believe in yourself and believe you can do big things and to dream big. Be happy and be fit and healthy.”

“Just Believe” aligns perfectly with the aim of the album: to encourage children to lead a healthy lifestyle and make positive decisions in life. The video tells the story of an overweight, bullied child who is inspired to overcome personal challenges and excel. Despite the high prevalence of childhood obesity today, the bias toward obese and overweight children is as strong today as it was in the 1960s when Richardson et al. published a study where school children ranked obese children last among children with disabilities and physical disfigurement in terms of who they would most like for a friend (Richardson SA, Goodman N, Hastorf AH, Dornbusch SM. Cultural uniformity in reaction to physical disabilities. Am Sociol Rev 1961; 26: 241–247). This study was replicated with similar findings in 2003 by Latner and Stunkard. In the video, the boy overcomes the stigma against him and eventually is chosen to play basketball with his schoolmates. This inspiring tale is one that should positively encourage children who face all types of challenges.

The song opens with an audio clip of kids clamoring to share their dreams for when they grow up before segueing into the opening instrumental and the opening line, “Just believe the unbelievable, dream the unthinkable. You can do all things if you believe.” The artists encourage listeners to continue to dream and believe in themselves even in the face of adversity. Artie Green then raps, “A lot of people said…I would never ever make it out the ‘hood. Look at me now, everything all good.” Toward the end of the video, President Obama and Vice President Biden are seen on a jog through the West Wing.  At the end of their workout, they share a drink of water with the shared toast, “Drink Up.”

We hope that this song inspires a generation of children to believe in themselves and work hard to achieve their goals in life.

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  • My Goodness what a load of inspiration that video was! I am glad to have ran across this and you all at HHPH. Just want to share my music with my organization started me and youth in my community:) #hope