Settin’ The Pace

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Listening to your favorite song doesn’t just sound good, it feels good too. Music, like physical activity, has a powerful influence on the mind and the body. They can both elevate moods, boost the brain’s production of dopamine, reduce stress and anxiety, and stimulate memory. That’s why we’re so excited to release “Settin’ the Pace,” our latest album to motivate, inspire and encourage movement as part of your daily routine for mental and physical health.

Written and produced by multi-platinum composer Quennel Worthy, “Settin’ the Pace” is an extension of the FitnessGram PACER Test Remixes we created in collaboration with The Cooper Institute to refresh the soundtrack of the FitnessGram assessment with a dance party vibe for the gym. The Remixes are also featured in H.Y.P.E. the Breaks Vol. 2, our four, 15-minute dance-inspired video collection that encourages physical activity rough a series of fun, standards-based fitness breaks that give you a full-body, socially distant workout. These 19 tracks are now extended to nearly an hour of energetic and heart-pumping hip-hop, pop, electronic dance, and Latin-inspired music collected in one album, “Settin’ the Pace,” to help keep students moving and grooving through the day.

We’ve also teamed up with our friends at OPEN: Online Physical Education Network on their Rhythm Fit Activities series that uses the fresh beats from “Settin’ the Pace.” This new resource for students in grades K-8 includes three modules–– Exercise Balls, Lummi Sticks, and Buckets–– to help teachers integrate rhythmic movement into PE class in a fun and creative way.

“Settin’ the Pace” is currently available on music streaming sites and you can download all the tracks for free from our resource page.

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