Scott Silverstein

Scott Silverstein is the founder and CEO of Yolo Candy, LLC, a start up venture dedicated to offering high-quality kids’ candies that excite and delight consumers of all ages. Prior to starting Yolo Candy, Mr. Silverstein was the President and CEO of The Topps Company, Inc., a multinational company engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of trading cards, collectibles and confectionery products. Mr. Silverstein joined Topps in 1993 as General Counsel and subsequently served in a variety of roles, including running the company’s worldwide Pokemon business, supervising Topps’ new product development efforts, and managing the domestic and international sports and entertainment division. In 2007, Mr. Silverstein spearheaded the sale of Topps to Michael Eisner and Madison Dearborn, and subsequently stayed on to lead the company as CEO through 2010. Mr. Silverstein holds degrees from Brandeis University and the University of Pennsylvania Law School. His board and charitable activities include serving as acting CEO of Hip Hop Public Health, a non-profit organization that seeks to inform kids and parents about the health risks associated with obesity and the benefits of a healthy lifestyle; serving on the foundation board for the United Network of Organ Sharing (UNOS), which sets the policies for organ procurement and donation in the United States; and supporting The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp, a non-profit, residential summer camp serving children and their families coping with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses and conditions.