Remixing Public Health

This past June, we had to shake things up a bit, so we invited some of the top minds in hip-hop and public health to come together at the Harvard Club of NYC for cocktails, dinner and dynamic dialogue on how we can create meaningful change for the youth in our communities.

Couldn’t make it there in person? Well you’re in luck, read below for a recap of our most memorable moments.

1. The Best Jams Ever Played at the Harvard Club of NYC

DJ Dee Wiz (@DJDeeWiz) kept us on our toes all night, and of course, we had to do the Dougie!

2. 12 years later…

Doug E. Fresh and Hip Hop Public Health founder, Dr. Olajide Williams recall the story of when they first met 12 years ago and decided to start Hip Hop Public Health. Watch as they hilariously relive it below. 

3. DMC’s Analogy about Incomplete Rhymes

Like most of us growing up, Darryl DMC McDaniels heard the age-old saying “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away” but unlike most of us, this musical icon realized early on that it was an incomplete rhyme. Here’s what he had to say about it.

4. Jim Whitehead on Joining the Movement

Jim Whitehead, the CEO of the American College of Sports Medicine and advisor for the Joint Commission of Sports Medicine and Science, said it best: “Hip Hop Public Health’s programs are scalable, evidence-based and they work.” Jim has been instrumental in that growth, helping us reach thousands of others to expand our impact and positively change the lives of the current and future generation.

5. Chuck D. Smashing Stereotypes

Chuck D, in turn, spoke about the importance of speaking your truth as an artist. Too often, hip-hop gets a bad rap and is stereotyped as violent or as glorifying crime but when you dig deep into the genre, it’s a story of resilience, metamorphosis and rising up to the social issues we face in our communities.

6. Dr. Howell Wechsler Breaks Down the 3 Important Steps for Effective Health Communications

The first step is connecting with your audience. Secondly, get through the clutter and last but not least, your message needs to be scientifically sound.

7. Dr. Aletha Maybank discussing the intersection of arts, activism, and health

As public health experts, we must continue to change health outcomes and tackle health disparities using culturally relevant resources. Dr. Aletha Maybank, the NYC Health Department’s Deputy Commissioner and Founding Director of the Center for Health Equity reiterated the importance of practitioners understanding and relating to the populations they serve. 

8. Ashanti Reminds Us That our Health is More Than Just Physical

Ashanti, who worked with us on our Just Believe music video below highlighted the effects of bullying and depression on children’s health and how music can be a great form of therapy and empowerment.

9. Lauren Contreras Stole the Show and Our Hearts

Lauren is a dynamic student who was gracious enough to serve as the event’s co-emcee and had us at the edge of our seats laughing and smiling throughout the night. She was enrolled in our H.Y.P.E. the Breaks dance program at her middle school in the South Bronx, but she not stopping there: she’s planning on taking what she learned with her to high school and starting a club so that other teenagers like her can enjoy being healthy.


Remixing Public Health will be back, bigger and better next year.