“I learned to switch it up and put some water in the cup.”

Hip Hop P.O.P.

According to the CDC: “sugar-sweetened beverages are the largest source of added sugars in the diet of U.S youth and may be a contributing  factor to obesity among youth nationwide.  Hip-Hop P.O.P. (Pouring on the Pounds) is a multimedia program developed to support and enhance our Hip Hop H.EA.L.S (Healthy Eating and Living in Schools) curriculum. However,  it is also made available as a standalone program. P.O.P. teaches children to weigh the cost-benefit of their beverage choices and illustrates how sugar-sweetened beverages can be costly both in terms of personal health and finances.

Specifically, P.O.P reviews:

  • The concepts of empty/extra calories and calories derived from healthy sources using interactive methods.
  • Reviews the Nutrition Facts Label on sugar-sweetened beverages and uses priming strategies to encourage their use in decision making.
  • Quantifies and illustrates the exercise cost of empty/extra calories consumed from sugar-sweetened beverages. Reviews specific activities (type of activity and duration of activity) required to burn a specific amount of calories (represented by a specific food item or specific meal).
  • Reviews the monetary costs of sugar-sweetened beverages on household budgets and children’s pocket money, and provides alternative child friendly examples of how savings can be spent.
  • Provides age appropriate alternatives to sugar sweetened beverage consumption and promotes the health benefits of water.

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