If I breathe at the start of the songs hook, I am exercising to hard. If I breathe at the end of the hook, I am exercising too soft. If I breathe in the middle of the hook, I am exercising just right.

Hip Hop F.E.E.T.

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Hip Hop F.E.E.T. is a portable exercise program that can be delivered by master trainers or adopted into an existing physical education curriculum and taught by lay educators who have participated in our online training program. Our current collaboration with Thurgood Marshall Academy Lower School and TASC (The After School Corporation) allows us to integrate FEET into the regular school day, expanding upon their existing health and physical education programs and increasing engagement in movement and health. Through the rhymes and rhythms of hip hop, we empower children to engage in personal physical fitness and motivate them to stay active throughout their lives.
Many urban communities lack safe, easy, and inexpensive access to physical activity. School physical education programs are being cut or downsized throughout the U.S. public education system, and many programs focus on competitive sports that often exclude the less physically fit. F.E.E.T. focuses on imparting specific behavioral skills that children—and their parents—can utilize to engage in physical activity in any environment and promotes personal fitness over competition.
Through fun, interactive hip hop songs, videos and games, Hip Hop F.E.E.T. applies anaerobic threshold training to improve physical fitness and to promote a healthy understanding of exercise for enjoyment and personal health.
Children learn:

  • The benefits of regular physical activity, and the risks of inactivity
  • To utilize a practical and portable method of gauging optimal physical activity intensity to become aware of personal fitness and exercise intensity
  • To apply anaerobic threshold training techniques to maximize health benefits from exercise and optimize long-term continuity of participation,

The goals are: 1) to motivate children to engage in regular, tailored physical activity and instill healthful habits that can last a lifetime; and 2) to empower children to educate and encourage their parents and caregivers to participate in regular exercise.

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