Kelly Fogel

Kelly Fogel has over 15 years experience in music and strategic marketing, artist management, talent booking, and specializes in connecting artists to brands, non-profits. Kelly has worked in the marketing departments of Madonna’s Maverick Records and Warner Bros. Records, working with over 40 artists under the major label system. In 2007 Kelly was asked by veteran music executive Jeff Ayeroff to run the artist program for Rock the Vote in which she created and managed relationships with over 150 artists, produced hundreds of interviews and public service campaigns, managed tours, booked talent for live concerts, national tv appearances, and facilitated marketing campaigns and cross-promotions with Fortune 500 companies. Kelly has worked with record labels, management companies, agencies and music festivals creating unique partnerships and promotions between artists, labels and brands for social causes. While at Rock the Vote, Kelly simultaneously ran the marketing campaigns for several artists for Shangri-La Music. Kelly is currently an independent manager and marketing consultant.

In addition to her expertise in the music industry, Kelly is an accomplished photographer and writer with a Master’s degree from CalArts and a BA from The George Washington University. Kelly is passionate about giving back and tries to bring in a charity aspect to everything she works on. She currently works closely with Pablove Shutterbugs which is a photography program for pediatric cancer patients, and has also been a mentor for Venice Arts which provides free photography classes for children. In 2015 Kelly self-published two coffee table books Portraits of Africa & The Wild Heart Beats in Africa. Kelly is thrilled to be working on the Hip Hop Public Health campaign and the Songs For A Healthier America album.