Our Current Reach

Hip Hop Public Health Media have been streamed by a rapidly growing group of more than 1 million people in the US and beyond.  

Hip Hop Public Health programs have been delivered to more than 150 US public elementary schools including more than 50,000 students in US.

Hip Hop Public Health has a network of 81 program ambassadors in 60 US cities and 8 countries that span the Americas, Europe, Asia and New Zealand.

Our Goals

  • To disseminate our health media to all corners of the connected world
  • To end health illiteracy in urban communities through music
  • To foster healthy behaviors among children and their families through an intergenerational approach to school based programming
  • To increase awareness among the general public about simple things that can be done to reduce the risk of disease and promote health
  • To make the healthy choice the cool choice

How We Get There

Hip Hop Public Health needs YOU. Through partnerships and strategic alliances we can realize our mission to end health illiteracy together through the powerful medium of music and entertainment and lift up the most afflicted communities from the quagmire of preventable disease into the garden of good health. To experience the real life impact of what we do, please watch Daniel’s story.

Contact us HERE and join the Hip Hop Public Health movement

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