H.Y.P.E. The Breaks Vol. 2

By February 28, 2021 No Comments

Growing upon our collection of H.Y.P.E. fitness Breaks designed to “Help Young People Energize,” our latest resource, H.Y.P.E. the Breaks Vol. 2 was developed in collaboration with The Cooper Institute. This dance-inspired collection encourages physical activity through a series of fun, standards-based fitness breaks that give you a full-body, socially distant workout. Whether you are in school, learning remotely, or just looking to get energized with your family in the living room, there’s a H.Y.P.E. Break for you!

H.Y.P.E. the Breaks Vol. 2 consists of four, 15-minute videos that focus on aerobic fitness, muscular strength, high-intensity interval training and dynamic stretching, totaling 60 minutes – the daily recommended amount of moderate to vigorous physical activity. The H.Y.P.E. Breaks also do not require any equipment so they can be done anytime, anywhere and choreographers Marc Santa Maria, Yxia Olivares and Jamie Drye offer a variety of intensity levels, progressions and modifications so you can tailor the workout to your needs.





Our dynamic songwriter, producer and composer, Quennel Worthy produced H.Y.P.E. the Breaks Vol. 2 and each video is accompanied by music from the FitnessGram PACER Test Remix which was also written and produced by him.

Keep your spirits up! Dance along, tag us in your video using #HYPEtheBreaks2 and we’ll feature it on our social media.