Hip Hop Lean Video

By August 15, 2014 No Comments

Hip Hop Public Health announced the launch of the latest music video from the Songs for a Healthier America (SFAHA) album today. The Hip Hop L.E.A.N. (Learning Exercise and Nutrition in Schools) music video features hip hop legends Chuck D, Doug E. Fresh and Artie Green as well as the talented young dancers from the Shaker Dance Academy. Like all of the songs from the album, Hip Hop L.E.A.N. encourages kids to lead healthier lives. The song empowers kids to engage in personal physical fitness and motivate them to stay active throughout their lives. The video teaches children a practical and portable method of gauging optimal physical activity intensity to become aware of personal fitness and exercise intensity levels. Children learn the Go, Slow, Whoa method of breathing to gauge energy thresholds and optimize physical activity.

Watch the music video for Hip Hop L.E.A.N. and be sure to listen to the music during your next workout. Download the entire SFAHA album for free through iTunes or the Partnership for a Healthier America.