Hip Hop Public Health Ambassadors

Want to bring Hip Hop Public Health to your community? Become an Ambassador!

As an Ambassador, you’ll be part of a national movement to build health literacy and promote health equity for young people and families, with access to special resources, events and engagement opportunities with Hip Hop Public Health. Whether it’s in a classroom, boardroom or a living room, Ambassadors seek to create inclusive environments that inspire health and healing.

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We are relaunching our Educator Ambassador program for teachers and other educators who work with youth K-12. We’ll have new resources to make it even easier for you to bring Hip Hop Public Health to your educational setting, as well as opportunities to help us develop new materials, share your feedback, and be part of a national community of educators who are passionate about health equity for young people and their families. 


Our Student Ambassador program, launching in Fall 2023, is geared toward undergraduate and graduate college and university students. We’ll help you implement a Hip Hop Public Health program for elementary-age kids in your community with lesson plans, virtual training tools, guidance for getting started, and networking opportunities with other Ambassadors, health professionals, and educational experts around the country.