COVID-19 Response

We continue to harness the transformative and healing power of music to empower everyone with evidence-based multimedia tools, information and resources that combat the spread of COVID-19. Let us know how we can support your COVID-19 health and safety efforts.


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Community Immunity


We are addressing the mistrust and debunking myths about the COVID-19 vaccine with Community Immunity – a series of free, engaging, evidence-based music video resources designed to increase vaccine literacy. The rap anthology features our founder, Dr. Olajide “Hip Hop Doc” Williams, our advisory board member, Dr. Monique “Docta Mo Flow” Hedmann-Maxey, Grammy®-winning rapper and HHPH Advisory Board member Darryl DMC McDaniels, award-winning producer Artie Green and singer-songwriter Gerry Gunn.

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Inmunidad Comunidad


Inmunidad Comunidad is a Spanish-language extension of Community Immunity – our rap anthology about vaccines. Produced by DJ Ted Smooth, the king of Latin hip hop, each video in the anthology features the lyrics of up-and-coming rapper/singer Leisley with reggaeton-inspired beats. The legendary Dose adds motivating shout-outs encouraging community members of all ages to come together and Columbia University Medical Center’s “Dr. Ana G” Cepin and our advisory board member Dr. Monique “Docta Mo Flow” Hedmann-Maxey spit facts and debunk misinformation.

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Behind the Mask 


“Behind The Mask” is a song and video PSA that focuses on proper mask-wearing techniques while incorporating culturally-tailored, personalized themes that drive a strong emotional connection to the message, which in turn has been shown to facilitate behavior change. Written by multi-platinum composer Quennel Worthy with medical oversight by our founder Dr. Olajide Williams “Behind the Mask” features Grammy-nominated artist Raheem DeVaughn and Grammy-winning artist DMC from Run DMC.

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20 Seconds or More 


At the height of the pandemic in NYC, we launched the 20 Seconds or More initiative in collaboration with the Bristol Myers Squibb Foundation to empower children and families with culturally-relevant information, tools and resources to mitigate the spread of the COVID-19. The star-studded hip-hop music video PSA and accompanying resources harness the power of music to encourage hand washing and other key safety protocols. 

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20 Segundos O Más


Building upon our 20 Seconds or More initiative that has reached over 100 million people so far, we launched 20 Segundos O Más to empower Spanish-speaking and bilingual people with the right information, tools and resources to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Featuring over 30 community influencers and activists who represent the full depth and diversity of the Latino diaspora, the hip-hop and Latin-inspired music video encourages proper handwashing techniques and other safety protocols like social distancing and wearing a mask.

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H.Y.P.E. at Home


Even with current social distancing recommendations, the importance of keeping active remains important for our overall health and immune systems. H.Y.P.E. at Home is a collection of free, fun, dance and fitness breaks that encourage physical activity so everyone can keep their spirits up as they stay healthy at home. Whether you are learning or working from home, or just looking to be active as a family in your living room, these instructional dance videos enable educators to encourage fitness at home without the need for equipment or gyms.

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Avis Budget Group (ABG) Health & Safety Coalition 


We have partnered with ABG to elevate their safety and disinfection protocols. As part of ABG’s new coalition with RB, the maker of Lysol, our founder, Dr. Olajide Williams will chair the ABG Medical Advisory Council to help establish enhanced protocols grounded in the latest medical science. In addition, HHPH will develop scalable, engaging, music and multimedia “edutainment” training tools for ABG employees based on validated models of behavior change and evidence-based research to help curb the spread of infectious diseases.

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Hip Hop Stroke Distance Learning Program


Hip Hop Stroke is a free and fun standards-based health education program that teaches children how to recognize the signs and symptoms of stroke, appropriately call 911 and prevent a stroke through healthy lifestyle changes. The program which is endorsed by the New York State Department of Health educates children about stroke in an interactive way using cartoons and music that features hip-hop icons like Doug E. Fresh and motivates them to share the information with their parents.


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