Get Screened for Colon Cancer Rap

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Disparities in colorectal cancer continue to increase and disproportionately affect African American and Latino adults. Early detection is critical because colorectal cancer is beatable in 90% of cases when discovered early. Despite this, African American adults are approximately 20% more likely to get colorectal cancer and about 40% more likely to die from it than most other groups. Latino adults are more likely to be diagnosed with colorectal cancer at later stages compared to White adults which may be explained by disparities in screening rates.

To address these disparities, we are proud to team up with Stand Up to Cancer, a leading national organization in health innovation and health equity, to launch a health literacy initiative aimed at increasing early screening for adults ages 45 and up.

Using our evidenced-based Multisensory Multilevel Health Education Model (MMHEM; Williams & Swierad, 2019) and our approach to Child Mediated Health Communications, we created educational animated music videos and audio PSAs in both English and in Spanish to encourage adults to know the options and get screened for colon cancer, and for young people to encourage their family members to learn more. Most people do not even know that their doctor can prescribe a screening test that they can do at home.

The music videos and audio tracks feature performances by Chuck D, leader of the legendary hip-hop group Public Enemy and Hip Hop Public Health Advisory Board Member along with hip-hop artist, health educator and Hip Hop Public Health Ambassador, Pete Colon. Chuck D. and his team wrote and produced the resources in English, and Pete Colon teamed up with multi-platinum producer, Q. Worthy, to write and produce the Spanish resources. The music videos were written, animated and produced by Cartuna and Mylo The Cat.

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