H.Y.P.E. Breakin’ It Down Vol. 2

Music is a universal language and hip hop has transformed into a ubiquitous art form and culture that influences and uplifts youth. Since August 11, 1973, hip hop has evolved into a global cultural phenomenon. Today, it is the number 1 genre of music in the US and a force for equality and equity. In celebration of the 48th anniversary of the birth of hip hop music, we are excited to launch H.Y.P.E. Breakin’ it Down Vol. 2 – a collection of 30, two-minute videos or “breaks” that encourage physical literacy with easy and fun hip hop dance moves.

Designed to energize, invigorate, focus and motivate, H.Y.P.E. Breakin’ it Down Vol. 2 features music from our World Beats album which was composed and produced by multi-platinum producer, Q. Worthy. Choreographers Marc Santa Maria, Yxia Olivares and Jamie Drye, break down the dance moves step-by-step with seated modifications and varying levels of intensity so everyone can keep moving.

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As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, many young people are still learning in remote and hybrid environments and H.Y.P.E. Breakin’ it Down Vol. 2 provides creative and fun outlets for mental and physical fitness. Whether you want to raise energy levels, calm down or focus, the H.Y.P.E Breakin’ It Down Vol. 2 series was created to be inclusive, adaptable and accessible. The breaks can be done anytime and anywhere – in school, learning remotely, in limited space settings, as an office or zoom break, or with your family in the living room. We also have instrumental versions of our World Beats album available and we encourage everyone to add their own twist and flavor to it.

All of our resources, including the full collection of 62 H.Y.P.E. dance and fitness videos, are created using our evidence-based Multisensory Multilevel Health Education Model (MMHEM; Williams & Swierad, 2019) and aligned to National Physical Education Learning Standards. The research behind our H.Y.P.E. program was recently featured in the Health Promotion Practice Journal. Read the paper by Dr. Ewelina Swierad, Lori Rose Benson & Dr. Olajide Williams to find out how cross-sector collaboration between public health and the arts can advance health promotion goals.