An Innovative Way to Learn Proper Handwashing

As part of our constant efforts to work with partner organizations that complement our mission to foster positive health behavior change, we are excited to announce our latest collaboration with AmbiFi, a technology platform that aims to empower everyone with the ability to create virtual “copilot” guides, smart procedures & protocols, checklists, interactive guidelines and more.

To supplement our COVID-19 education efforts, we worked with the team at AmbiFi to create an “ambi” that teaches you the proper handwashing techniques demonstrated in our 20 Seconds or More music video, step-by-step. There is even a 20-second countdown to guide the experience, and you can choose which HHPH artist or ambassador to wash your hands with! Ambis are a guided learning experience authored by experts so you can jump in where you need support and have a reliable source guide you through the process.

Unlike videos or PDFs, ambis allow for interactive decision trees and anticipate scenarios depending on the circumstance, so you can decide and select what you need to know and when you need to know it. Plus, the AmbiFi platform is scalable, and anyone can use it no matter what device they use or the language they speak, making it a great resource for organizations and schools. Try the ambi out and let us know what you think. Don’t forget to suggest improvements and help us build a healthier more knowledgeable community.

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