Top 10 Moments – 2021 Remixing Public Health Gala

Our 2021 Remixing Public Health Gala was nothing short of EPIC! Hundreds of our incredible supporters joined us virtually on October 21st to celebrate the work we have been doing to achieve health equity. Here are our top 10 moments of the night:

1. Doing the “Dougie” is tradition at this point

If you’ve been to our previous Galas you already know how we get down – by doing the Dougie! The human beatbox – Doug E. Fresh himself also had a few extra tricks up his sleeve.

2. We celebrated and remembered the guardians of hip-hop

Hip-hop has lost more than 25 icons in a span of 5 years. We took a moment to celebrate their legacies and reflected on how we can help hip hop heal.

3. Skyy, Chuck D, DMC, Dr. Williams, Patrice & Doug E. addressed inequities

Sirius XM’s Skky Hook moderated an insightful discussion with Doug E. Fresh, Chuck D, Darryl DMC McDaniels, Patrice Webb & Dr. Olajide Williams that highlighted why Hip Hop Public Health’s work is so important in addressing health disparities in the Black community, issues around health equity and the importance of early screening for health conditions.

4. Rhythm & Roots got us H.Y.P.E.

Prince Street Elementary School’s Rhythm & Roots squad lifted spirits and set the mood for the night by showing us how to do the “Around The World: Celebration” H.Y.P.E. dance break.

5. Our honoree Dr. Joseph was in for a surprise

After a heartwarming interview with his 11-year-old daughter, Elliot Joseph, Dr. Saju Joseph was moved to tears when his brother, Manu Joseph surprised him with a toast.

6. We got to know the brilliant minds behind Lil Sugar

Lil Sugar was pretty upset he was not invited to our Gala and we heard that this cunning sugar cube was fuming after we honored AREA 23, Zombie, Canja, Blurred Vision Entertainment, BizSys, Asteroide and Produceria for helping uncover 150+ of sugar’s disguises.

7. Hip-hop pioneers & up-and-comers dropped in to congratulate DMC

It felt like 1981! Everybody from LL Cool J to the Cold Crush Brothers popped in to congratulate Darryl DMC McDaniels on his Humanitarian Award. And HeartSmiles students paid homage to the legendary DMC with a fire rap battle.

8. We broke records – an additional $20,000 raised in less than 2 hours during the Gala

The zoom chat was popping! We received so much support from our attendees who collectively pledged to donate almost $320,000 to Hip Hop Public Health making it our largest virtual fundraiser ever! That means even more resources next year. 

9. We were overwhelmed with gratitude

We definitely felt all the love! Our CEO & Executive Director, Lori Rose Benson ended the night by thanking all of the Remixing Public Health Gala partners, guests and sponsors.

10. DJ Flo brought the vibes from the intergalactic hip-hop council

Veteran DJ and Hip Hop Public Health MC, DJ Flo had everyone on their feet during the afterparty and it felt like we were all on one big party spaceship!

The Remixing Public Health Gala was made possible by community supporters and stakeholders across the public and private sectors who are dedicated to empowering communities and building health equity. It’s still not too late to make a contribution.

Drawing by: Liza Donnelly